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Owner: Anthony C.


A Puch Maxi N frame is rather rare to find these days. But not for this owner, who got his hands on no less than two: a blue 1974 and a red 1979 Puch Maxi N. Given it's raritiy, you should not mess up the N frames. Anthony clearly understood this, with these two excellent builds!

About these Puch Maxi N Projects

It's funny to know that the Maxi N frames used to be the lighter version of the Maxi models range and were cheaper than the other Maxi models. Today a lot of people can only dream of getting their hands on this frame. This often results in very high prices (up to +1000 Euros!). Today 12 months ago, the current owner of these two N frames was extremely lucky and got his hands on two of them.

The owner decided to restore the 1979 red Maxi N and to do a custom build on the 1974 blue Maxi N. Allthough the blue project is not yet finished (the owner is still deciding on exhaust and ignition), it already looks pretty neat, just like it's red twin.

When we asked the owner how much he spent to both the projects, he replied he didn't want to know. Guess we all know that feeling 😁

Setup and Parts used

The 1974 Blue Maxi N isn't finished but here is what the owner has in mind concerning its setup:

Cylinder: 70cc Athena
Carburator: 19MM dellorto PHBG
Jet size: to be confirmed
Air Filter: Polini (could be twin air or ramair for final fitment)
Exhaust: to be confirmed
Gearing: 16/42
Topspeed: to be confirmed

For the blue project, Anthony was inspired by BMX. Hence the Skyway logo you see on the moped. The handlebars on the blue Maxi N are redline racing (BMX Bars).

The blue Maxi was first blasted back to steel, etch primed, standard primed, flated back and then top coated. The official name of the blue colour is "1973 ford electric monza blue".

Tyres are 2.25 continental conti-go. The headlight and back light are custom alloy casings housing cree (low wattage) LED bulbs and the footpegs are BMX stunt.

The chain guard and the fork brace is custom made, both done by himself. More pictures about this can be found on the bottom of this page.

In the case of the red Maxi N, Anthony selected the following setup:

Cylinder: stock - original
Carburator: Dellorto SHA
Jet size: 72
Air Filter: free flow uni filter
Exhaust: 28mm biturbo exhaust
Gearing: 16/45
other: stock crank, blue clutch springs
Topspeed: 66kmh (41mph) and pulls really good.

The 1979 red Puch Maxi N project is more a restoration project than a custom project. It only needed a light refurbishment since it already was a pretty good moped when the owner bought it. Lots of the parts are original or as good as.

The color is its 1979 factory color, namely carmin red, RAL 3002. The wheels are coloured in cordoba beige (1970s ford colour).

It also has 2.25 Viva tires, 1980s GP Performer handlebars, BMX stunt footpegs and some nice extra stuff such as the VDM pullstarter and the leather seat and bag.

Some more pictures

1979 Puch Maxi N Frame Primed
Puch Maxi N Frame Red Top Coated
EBR Fork Mounted on blue Maxi N
EBR and Wheel mounted on blue Maxi N frame
Blue Maxi N Frame with 2.25 Viva tires (test by owner for looks)
LED Bulb headlight mounted on Blue Puch Maxi N
Redline racing handlebars mounted on the Blue Maxi N
Blue Puch Maxi N with Continental conti-go tires (rear view)
Right view of the blue Maxi N with Conti-go tires mounted
E50 engine tuned, ready to be mounted on the Blue Maxi N Frame
E50 Engine mounted on the blue Puch Maxi N.
Wheels primed
Wheels coated in black
Custom fork brace painted and ready to be mounted on the Blue Puch Maxi N
Black custom fork brace is mounted on the blue Maxi N
Close up view of the black custom fork brace
Custom chain guard measurement
Custom chain guard coated in black
Custom black chain guard mounted on the blue Puch Maxi N. Close up of the rear view
The black custom chain guard mounted on the blue Maxi N. A close up of the front view
Full view of the black custom chain guard mounted on the blue 1974 Puch Maxi N.
custom chain guard fitting on the red Maxi N
View of the beige custom chain guard mounted on the red Puch Maxi N
Left view of the 1979 red Puch Maxi N
Left view of the red Puch Maxi N with the 28mm biturbo exhaust
Cordoba beige (1970's ford colour) wheels ready to be mounted on the red Maxi N.
BMX footpegs used on the red and blue Puch Maxi N
E50 engine in revision
Puch E50 engine after revision
Piston ready to be mounted on the E50 engine
Piston mounted on the E50 engine
Cylinder mounted on the E50 engine
Cylinder and cylinder head mounted on the E50 engine

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