Puch parts, where to buy them?

With so many different types of Puch mopeds, it’s not always easy to know where you should buy your parts. At most specialized online stores you’ll find some for the Puch Maxi, but finding for a DS50, Monza, M50 and many others, it can be challenging. But not any longer. Wherever you’re from, this page will help you guide through all the different stores and help you to make a decision on finding your preferred one.

red puch maxi s frame ready to get some new puch parts on it.

An overview of shops where you can buy your Puch parts

logo of the webshop of VDM Puch parts


VDM Puch parts is a newcomer, but they're growing fast. They are located in the Netherlands and ship worldwide. They are mostly specialized in custom parts for the Puch Maxi (E50 Z50 and ZA50 engines). On their outlet section, you can also find some used parts such as used E50 engines.

    Some interesting things you'll find on this webshop are:
  • Disc brake kits (complete kits with EBR frontfork)
  • E50 kickstart conversion kits (sold in different colours)
  • VDM Pullstarter (Bosch and Ducati ignition)
  • Stainless steel engine mount for E50 engines
  • Straight cut gears

logo of the webshop of

Puchshop is one of the best known Puch shops in Europe and they are already active since 2008. They're located in the Netherlands, but suprisingly their domain name is

Their logistics are great, they spend a lot of effort on delivering your order as soon as possible. Small advice: If you need to make a large order for your next project, you should wait for one of their 10% discounts which they launch very regularly 😊.

Puchshop claims to have more than 10 000 parts available in their product range, so we’re not going to list them all here. But they are certainly worth a visit if you need parts for a Puch Maxi S and N. You’ll also find some for a Puch X30, Monza, MS50, MV50, DS50, M50 and more here. Puchshop also have their own brand, named PSR (Puchshop Racing). Which is a quality-price a good choice.

logo of Loods41 webshop


Loods41 perhaps doesn't ring a bell like other vendors do, but they are certainly worth a visit. They have a wide range of parts (incl NOS!) for classic mopeds such as the MV50, VS50, VZ50, MS50, Monza Grandprix and N50 .

We must admit that their webshop is not that user-friendly (might take a while to get used to it), but the shop is certainly recommended for new, NOS and used (original) parts!

Loods41 is also located in the Netherlands, but they ship to the UK, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and many other European countries.

logo of the webshop of

Treatland (treats)

The place to be if you’re an American Puch owner. Located in the USA (El Cerrito, CA) Treatland has a lot of parts mostly shipped throughout the USA.

It must be said, Their online store ( is an experience itself. If you can find one capital letter on the entire website, you should let us know, because we haven’t!

It’s a great online store for the Puch Maxi and Magnum. If you need some things for a E50 and ZA50 engine and you’re based in the USA, you should definitely checkout their site. Oh and btw, they also give discounts regularly 😊.

logo of the webshop of RBO

RBO Stöckl

On the webshop of RBO ( you better use Google translate if you don’t understand German. It’s very exceptional that we add a website as international store without a decent English translation. But there exceptional product range is not to be left out here.

RBO has a large product range of Frame, Engine, Electrical, ... items for 2-speed, 3-speed, 4-speed and 6-speed engines. So if you’re searching for some items for a DS50, Monza, M50, M125, MC50, Cobra or any other ‘rare’ Puch moped or motorcycle, you should definitely checkout RBO.

Where do you buy your Puch Parts?

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