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Author: Thomas R.

In this post we'll show you how to shorten the cables of your Puch Moped. We used a Puch Maxi, but this is usefull for all Puch mopeds.

What you'll need

    When shortening the cables you will need a small hour of time (take your time people) and the following things:

  • A wire cutter
  • 2x brake cable nipple
  • 1x throttle cable nipple
  • Clutch cable nipple (you can also use the brake cable)
  • Complete set of cables( if you don’t want to use the old ones)


Step 1: Remove The Cables from your (Puch) moped

Although it isn’t 100% necessary, I believe it’s way much easier to shorten the cables when you remove them from your moped.

Step 2: Start with the brake cables

  • Cut the part of the inner cable you want to replace (see picture above).
  • Remove the inner cable from the outer cable. the piston stop.
  • Cut 10 – 15 cm from the outer cable (depending on how short they have to be). See picture below.
  • Put some grease on the inner cable.
  • Shove the inner cable back in the outer cable.
  • Take the brake nipple and mount it on the inner cable. Make sure you tighten it enough so that it won’t pop off when braking hard.

Step 3: Continue with the clutch cable.

For the clutch cable you can follow the same steps as mentioned in step 2.

step 4: Cut the throttle (gas) cable

Now this is a tricky one. You don’t want to shorten the outer throttle cable to much. If you do, the inner cable will have to much “play”. What I advice you to do is cutting the outer cable bit by bit. Start with a few centimeters and continue until you reach the right length.

Step 5: Mount the cables back on and go for a ride

Once you have done this, your Puch moped is ready to ride. You’ll even notice that for example giving and releasing gas or braking will go a little smoother than with long cables.

~ Now you can go for a ride on a clean looking Puch moped ~

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