How to modify the E50 Puch Maxi Original Airfilter

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Author: SH Performance

Modifying the standard original Puch Maxi air filter is a simple job ands results in better performance of your E50 engine. On this page SH Performance shows you exactly how to do this in 4 steps.

4 Easy steps

Step 1

Dismantle the filter using a screwdriver.

Step 2

At the air suction area, remove the extending suction limiter. You can do this with the help of a cutting tool such as a saw or angle grinder. Sh Performance prefers to do it with a Dremel or a heated knife.

Next, clean the airfilter thorougly and make sure you sand the entire airfilter and don't forget to deburr the edges.

Full view of the Puch Maxi original air filter before modifications. The standard air filter opened.

Step 3

You can replace the original screen filter with a foam filter for maximum suction. You could also simply use the original screen filter or you can use a needle-nosed pliers to remove some mesh layers which results in more air passage.

Replacing the screen filter with a foam filter in the standard original air filter. Removing some mesh layers in the original air filter

Step 4

Before you reassemble (the now modified) standard air filter, make sure you don't overlook any dirt (very important!). Once you're sure it's clean, reassemble the filter.

The original air filter reassembled and ready to be mounted on the Puch Maxi - Front view The original air filter reassembled and ready to be mounted on the Puch Maxi - Rear view

Why would you modify the standard original airfilter?

On the stock Puch Maxi mopeds multiple limiters are often added. One is in the air filter. By modifiying this, your Puch Maxi will have more air passage and can result in a couple of extra km/h. Do note that when you modify it, you should also adjust your carburetor jet since the mixture of fuel & air needs some adjustment.

Next to the extra airflow another nice thing is that your Maxi keeps its original look and you can still use the side covers (meaning less trouble with the police 😃). Modifying it does make your bike a bit louder, but less louder than using a tuning filter (e.g. powerfilter).

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