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Reviewer: Sune A.


If you're looking for a clutch for more torque than you might consider the HK Racing Clutch. They're not cheap but it's said to be the best clutch for racer, terrain or road rides. But are they plug and play and does it really deliver what's said? Sune tested it out for us.

Full view of the HK Racing Clutch

Adjusting the RPM of the HK Racing Clutch

When the day arrived that Sune received his package from, it was a real pleasure to open it and see that clutch was made in excellent quality with proper finishing. Setting the RPM is incredibly easy thanks to a very clear and understandable manual. Sune first setted the clutch to maximum RPM and putted the clutch in oil for about 24hours.

Adjustment per weight Engagement RPM Difference RPM
Adjustment without extra weight 7500 0
Bolt 1 Added 7200 -300
Bolt 2 Added 6900 -600
Bolt 1 & 2 Added 6800 -700
Plate 0.8mm & Bolt 1 Added 6500 -1000
Plate 1mm & Bolt 1 Added 6300 -1200
Plate 1.5mm & Bolt 1 Added 6100 -1400
Plate 0.8mm & Bolt 2 Added 6200 -1300
Plate 2mm & Bolt 2 Added 6000 -1500
Plate 1.5mm & Bolt 2 Added 5800 -1700
Plate 1.5mm & Bolt 1 & 2 Added 5600 -1900

Test Runs

After putting the clutch in oil for 24hours, it was time for the first test run and the first run was insane. It took RMP before it grabbed the clutch bowl which was a complete different experience.

The torque it had was insane. But the adjustment was not ok yet. Sune could feel that it got too high in RPM so the clutch was further adjusted down in RPM. Probably because of the high RPM the iron in the oil clutch jerked loose and pushed the locking ring off. Sune then adjusted the HK Racing Clutch to 5600RPM and fitted the clutch bowl with new shims and a new locking ring (with Loctite locking glue). Now it was time for test run number 2.

The third test run was again a completely different experience. His Maxi now ran amazing and went really fast from 0-100 km/h. It does needs some adjustment, but once you get it right it’s an absolute ugrande. Sune recommends to switch to the HK Racing Clutch because the insane torque and the sweet engine sound. His score for HK Racing Clutch is 10/10.

Sune's gives the HK Racing Clutch: 10/10

About Sune's Puch Maxi Racer


Gilardoni 47mm.
Manifold: stage6 high flow stage6 spacer 10mm.
Reed valve: stage6 vforce 3 Carburetor: 24mm stage6 black edition pwk.
Exhaust: simonini
Ignition: mvt innerrotor 12v
Clutch: hk race 5600rpm
Gear: 15/36


Last time he measured, it had a topspeed of 116 km/h. But this was before installing the MVT Inner Rotor and HK Racing Clutch. He will let a professional company measure the topspeed later.

Some more pictures

Puch Maxi N frame base coated

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