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Although we do love the looks of the standard Puch Maxi pipe, we have to admit that the performance of it isn’t the best. We've heard many things about the RS Cigar exhaust and so we decided to ask the experiences of some (30) of our Instagram followers.

Grey Puch Maxi with RS Cigar Exhaust mounted


Almost all owner agreed that the sound is better than the standard pipe.

First of all the exhaust is not that loud (a little louder than the original) which might be better when driving from home to work / school everyday. Secondly, when running idle, it has a deeper sound than the original pipe. It is difficult to explain the sound in words, that’s why we have asked several owners to send us a movie of the sound. Pop in your headset and enjoy the sound with the video below.


The findings about the performance are clear: the performance of the RS cigar exhaust is in general better than the original, but you should not expect ‘huge results’.

In most cases people experienced that their Puch Maxi goes between 7 and 15 km/h faster compared to the original pipe. The exhaust is both a good match for standard engines as well as the faster, tuned engines (50 and 70ccm).

Their is not a very big difference in the acceleration when running in low RPM. But when running in higher RPM your Puch Maxi accelerates faster than with the original one.

The Looks

The sound is good, the performance is good, but how about the looks? If you love chrome, you’ll love this pipe and if you love the standard exhaust, you will also love this one. It has a clean, shiny and classy look. So if you ask me, it’s a good fit for any Puch moped.

A full view of the Homoet P4 Exhaust

A minus point of the RS Cigar

Important to know before buying the RS Cigar pipe is that you will need to have the right clamp to install it. The standard clamp is not always the perfect match. What clamp do you need? A bigger one, take the 28mm clamp.

A second minus is that this pipe suffers leaks quiet easily.

Both issues are very easy to solve. Buy the right clamp and for the second one you can use some exhaust paste to fill any leakages.

Review Conclusion

The RS Cigar is a good looking pipe and probably the best match for everyone who wants to keep their Puch Maxi looking original.

Plus points

Quality / price: very good (only € 25,95)

Sound: not to loud and a sweet deep sound when running idle

Performance: better than the original ( 7-15 km/h extra)

Performance: better acceleration at mid and higher RPM

Looks: a good looking retro chrome exhaust

Minus points

Clamp: make sure you buy the right clamp at once

Leakages: when installing, you might need to solve some leakages with exhaust paste

Some Experiences

Because of privacy reasons we have left out the real names of the people.

» The experience of Robert
I think it’s looking pretty good and it’s pretty quiet and inconspicuous even if you got a bigger cylinder. But I have to say that the power of this thing is not huge because it has no resonance body.

» The Experience of Jack
Good sound but not that much power compared to a resonance exhaust. With this exhaust my maxi goes about 55 km/h with a 50ccm and 15mm carb. With a 70ccm it goes between 65 and 75 km/h.

» The Experience of David
I have used the RS Cigar exhaust. It has a cool sound and with the RS cigar exhaust my Puch X30 Turbo (with z50 engine) was 15km/h faster than before.

» The Experience of Johan
I have it on my Puch with an original 4port 50cc with 15mm bing original. Runs 73 km/h now with jet 62 and 60km range on 2.5 liters. I give it a 9/10 because it doesn’t have a fix exhaust curve from the exhaust to the cylinder. The standard clamp is to weak and you need to modify it a bit.

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