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Reviewer: Thomas R.


In previous posts we already talked about the RS Cigar and the Homoet P4 exhaust as a good alternative for the original Puch Maxi pipe. The Tecno Bos exhaust is one of the most popular pipes you can find so we decided to ask our (13000+) Instagram followers to their experiences.

Black Puch Maxi N with the Puch Tecno Bos exhaust mounted

About the Tecno Bos

The Tecno bos exhaust is a pretty good, fancy looking and most important of all, it's pretty cheap. Its performance is better than the original and it might even be the best Puch Maxi exhaust you can get given it’s low price of € 29,95.

In general, most of the people sharing their experiences said the same: it’s a great pipe for 50-70cc Puch mopeds (it fits almost every setup!). Wether you prefer the stock cylinder, an Airsal cilinder, PSR, Polini, … it’s most likely a very good choice.


The performance is better than the original and is somewhat similar to the RS Cigar. It has a great sound but also a great topspeed on flat roads (and downhill). The only ”minus” here is that there is no performance gain when climbing hills.

The powerband sets in pretty late so in low range the difference is not incredible. However you can feel the powerband pretty good and once you’re set off, the performance and speed is awesome. Another respondant told us that he even got an extra power of 5-7000 RPM. Sounds a lot, but good!


The extra speed entirely depends on the setup you are using. The general conclusion here is that it delivers more speed and power compared to the original pipe. Max B. for example told us he got almost 15km/h extra topspeed with a 50cc cylinder. Again, this depends on your setup. But I do believe that (just like with the RS Cigar), the Tecno Bos will give you 5 to 15km/h extra topspeed.

Black Tecno Bos Exhaust Mounted on a Blue Puch Maxi

About the sound

The sound is great. The exhaust is louder than the original and might attract more attention, certainly when driving at higher speed. According to Mathu S. this might even be one of the best sounding pipes for Puch mopeds. But that’s up to you to decide with the ‘soundcheck video’ below:

Review Conclusion

We asked the same 20 people to give us a score from 0/10. The lowest score was 7, the highest score was 10. The average review score for this pipe is 8/10. There are of course better ones for what concerns performance, but they are in general a lot more expensive.


Plus points

Great sound

Good performance

Cheap price

Good quality

No gasket ring

Minus points

No big difference in low range (compared to the original pipe)

The pipe might touch the pedals. You might need to bow it a bit.

Some Experiences

Because of privacy reasons we have left out the real names of the people.

» The experience of Tim S.
It’s a great one. I’s made for e.g. a 70cc cylinder. I have tested it on my 70cc Airsal and it runned great with a nice sound and lots of extra power. You do also feel the powerband very good.

» The experience of Hauke S.
I would definitely give it a 9/10. It’s a super pipe for 50cc sport cylinders. It has a very good acceleration and comes in well in the resonance range.

» The experience of Marbin C.
Compared to the standard exhaust, it gives you much more power. I have also tested many Homoet pipes but this one is the best given its price.

Comment below and let our Puch community know which exhaust you are using with your experiences.

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