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If you’re the proud owner of a Puch Moped, you’ll this place.

As the replacement site of Make Puch Great Again (mpga), we create technical and troubleshooting content to get your back riding your Puch. This we do together with the entire MPGA community!

Our mission is to be the best place for inspiration for your next custom Puch project

So whether you own a Puch Maxi, Puch Monza, Puch Magnum or any other Puch moped, we hope you find what you need here.

What You'll Find Here


On our Puch mopeds technical page you can get help in case of technical issues. Having trouble with adjusting - tuning the engine than our setup page will certainly help you.


Puch Projects

On our Puch Mopeds projects page you’ll find some of the most awesome Puch mopeds. This page will certainly inspire your for your next build of your Puch Moped.


Puch Mopeds Parts

On our Puch Mopeds Parts page you'll find a lot of reviews of a lot of Puch parts. This parts are reviewed by Puch builders all over the world. Check it out before a new exhaust, cylinder, ...

Puch Parts

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